Pavement Too Hot For Her Tootsies?

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The best test – put your own bare foot on the pavement.

Too Hot For Your Feet? Then It’s Too Hot For Hers Too.

Don’t make your dog walk on it. Simple as that.

Avoid Midday and Evening Walks When The Pavement Is Most Hot.

While we’re on the subject of “too hot,” you also should be very careful about what time of day you walk your pooch. In the heat of Summer, your little Precious can suffer heat stroke very quickly if you’re not paying attention. Get in the habit of waking a half hour earlier in the mornings so you can walk her before the sun is all the way up. Early morning is WAY better than evenings because the pavement has cooled down overnight and won’t scorch her little paws. If you walk in the evenings, don’t be fooled. Sure, the sun’s not bearing down on you, but the pavement hasn’t cooled down yet. It’s still giving off all the day’s heat and her little feet can still be burned. To know for sure, test your own bare foot. A good tip to know–asphalt can be way hotter than cement. Stay on the sidewalks or grass and avoid asphalt at all costs. Always take water with you and give her some as often as she’ll take it.

Little Layla in her dirty face and new pink booties.
Booties ~ What A Great Idea!

A novel and very effective idea to protect your lovebug’s feet from hot or cold pavement is booties ~ you can buy them online or at any pet supply store; a great, fun little investment in your pet’s good health. Check out little Layla’s pink booties above. Adorable or what! The bottoms are a good solid rubber that doesn’t let heat or cold through.   🙂

Alternative To Walking Outdoors.

The best way to protect your pet’s health is to find somewhere INDOORS to walk her when the weather is too hot or too cold. Lowes, Home Depot, Petsmart, Petco for example. These are all ideal pet-friendly places – temperature controlled, safe from outdoor natural predators, and they encourage your pooch to interact with people and socialize. Your dog will LOVE you for it.  🙂

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God Bless and Happy Pet Parenting!

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About jeannie:  I’ve been pro-actively involved in pet rescue all of my life. I founded Milagro Senior Pet Refuge© (Phoenix) in 1998, and BareFootPets (TM) in 2008.  Animal welfare has always been and will always be my heart’s work. If my only legacy is that I save a handful of precious souls that would not survive otherwise, I’m good with that.

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