Lazy Is An Art Form

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Pets Can Show Us How To Truly Relax.

Life got you stressed out?  Too busy?  Need a nap?  Take a cue from your pets.  It’s not that hard.  All you have to do is watch them.  Here are some sweet samples from my house.

Genesis and Sammy Snuggle Together for a Nap


Boshi Counting Clouds


Chiffon Keeps Sunny Her Goldfish Company


Roman Savors The Sunshine And Fresh Air


Morelli – Too Tired To Care


Santana Curls Up With Her Favorite Blankie And Polka Dot Dress


Baby Chelsea Wraps Up With Genesis For Heartbeat And Warmth


Sandy And Mikimoto Share Their Favorite Bed For A Lazy Afternoon Snooze


Bug Peeks Out From His Burrow To Make Sure He Doesn’t Miss Lunch


My Pack Lounges In Their Stroller On An Easygoing Morning Stroll


Mikimoto Gives Mikel Hugs And Love As They Slowly Wake For An Afternoon Snack


Malayzia Says Sleep Where You Land


Mufasa Kicks Back For His Favorite Movie


. . . And Finally . . . These Right Here Below – This Is What You Call A Lonnnng Nap.


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God Bless and Happy Pet Parenting!

With love and good wishes,
jeannie.   ?

About jeannie:  I’ve been pro-actively involved in pet rescue all of my life. I founded Milagro Senior Pet Refuge© (Phoenix) in 1998, and BareFootPets (TM) in 2008. Animal welfare has always been and will always be my heart’s work. If my only legacy is that I save a handful of precious souls that would not survive otherwise, I’m good with that.