Pets And Plants.

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Check the Chart BEFORE Buying Plants!
WARNING! Bougainvillea Are Toxic to Animals! (staged photo)

It cannot be overstated — toxic plants are too often lethal to our pets, and there are many out there to beware of.  Check the Chart BEFORE Buying Plants.  Choose your indoor and outdoor plants carefully BEFORE buying.  Planning ahead totally eliminates the risk of any emergency runs to the vet if your beloved pet has been poisoned by nibbling on an innocent-looking plant and is now fighting for his precious life.

Links To Identify Poisonous Plants.

Following are a few links that provide comprehensive lists and photos of poisonous plants, some with downloadable PDFs.  There’s even more info out there on the net if you want to do a Google search.  Keep your lists close at hand so you don’t lose precious seconds searching for them, should the need ever arise.


Financial Cost.
WARNING! Philodendron Are Toxic to Animals! (staged photo)

The financial cost of a pet poisoning can be staggering, even if your pet loses the battle in spite of the vet’s efforts.  Many emergencies end tragically because the owners cannot afford the unexpected price tag for life-saving measures.  Even if the pet could medically be saved, he is sometimes let go to die anyway because the money to save him just isn’t there.  Don’t let this happen to you and your little sidekick.  Take five minutes, Check the Chart BEFORE Buying Plants, and buy only safe plants.

Emotional Cost.

Regret.  Trust me, you do NOT want to set yourself up for the lifelong agony of regret, eating at you day in and day out, even in your dreams when you try to sleep at night.  Letting your pet down by not having taken simply five minutes and planned ahead is going to torment you for a long long time to come … maybe even forever.  Don’t let your pet die because you didn’t prepare.  Don’t set yourself up for that horrible failure.  Protect your little one and spare yourself suffering terrible guilt — take five minutes, Check the Chart BEFORE Buying Plants, and buy only safe plants.  Easy as that.  Just five minutes, and you’ve protected your fur baby, even saved his life.

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God Bless and Happy Pet Parenting!

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About jeannie:  I’ve been pro-actively involved in pet rescue all of my life. I founded Milagro Senior Pet Refuge© (Phoenix) in 1998, and BareFootPets (TM) in 2008. Animal welfare has always been and will always be my heart’s work. If my only legacy is that I save a handful of precious souls that would not survive otherwise, I’m good with that.