Pet Rescue Is Neither Racist Nor Political.

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My Thoughts On Several Books Suggesting Shelter Pet Rescue Is Driven By Racism And White Supremacy.  Yes, You Heard That Right.

Some very unfortunate writings have come to my attention, writings by authors who appear to be politically motivated students of socialism, attempting, unbelievably, to insert a slanted racial bias into the realm of shelter pet rescue, of all things.  Having read enough excerpts from each of these books to soundly reject their precepts, I feel compelled to comment on my own behalf in defense of animal welfare and shelter pet rescue.  I make a deliberate point of not naming the books and their authors’ names here so as to avoid giving them “free advertising” on my blog in light of their discriminatory opinions.  [More detailed discussion, if desired, can be found on Nathan Winograd’s >blog<.  Mr. Winograd is the founder of No Kill Advocacy, which exists to dispel outdated and barbaric shelter programs that still choose euthanasia as a primary tool for pet population control.  He is infinitely more qualified than me to speak directly to this important issue.]

Following is my very personal and cautionary response.

Educated Guess.

As I begin this response, I acknowledge that I cannot know what is in the authors’ hearts on this subject.  I can only respond based upon my interpretation of their writings.  I perceive they write with distinct social and political bias, so I will tailor my response accordingly.

You’re Kidding Me With This, Right?

In a nutshell, the authors suggest that low-income minorities are incapable of caring properly for pets because of apparent oppression, white supremacy, and racism; and thus should be given a pass when they abuse, neglect, and even kill their animals.  This mindset is horribly skewed.  It is this kind of divisive thought, purposely perpetuated generationally on low-income minorities, that blocks any chance for positive opportunity and change.

Let’s Break It Down.

The beautiful and simple basis for my response is this:  animal welfare and pet rescue are driven by the goodness in people’s hearts, the fundamental compassion naturally born within.  Pure as the God-given gift of love.  But these authors conspire to undermine the primary thrust of animal welfare movement for their own vanity, much like abortionists.  They promote a hateful ideology, and not only forgive the actors who embrace it, but cheer them, in order to beat down inherent, organic good.  The authors themselves even admit to socialist bias and a complete inability to be impartial.  Their words, not mine.

Indoor, well cared for pets are not the product of only privileged, white homes as claimed by the authors.  Well-cared-for pets are a reflection of love and care, in whatever race or community the pets’ family exists.  And abused, neglected, or surrendered animals are not victims of only impoverished races/people.  They are a result of ill programming such as found in these authors’ books.

Anyone can be taught to care lovingly for their pets.  That’s one of the reasons the No Kill Advocacy, among many benevolent organizations, exists – to educate and encourage.  Compassion and kindness and mercy are not unique to only white-privilege neighborhoods.  Everyone, of all races, has the capacity to love and be kind – and to be taught how to show such love and kindness to their pets.  These qualities are inherent in every human heart – until folks like these authors make it their mission to denigrate.

People who rescue do it with compassion, mercy, and kindness – qualities that the human species is inherently born with.  To be able to embrace these authors’ perspectives, the natural God-given qualities of compassion, mercy, and kindness would first need to be deliberately stripped from one’s psyche, from their very fiber.

Educated For Show.

These authors’ perspectives admittedly serve only to perpetuate a hate-filled narrative of racism which, in even the broadest analysis, has no bearing whatsoever on animal welfare and shelter pet rescue.  One of these authors, specifically, by her own admission in her book, acknowledges point-blank her personal prejudice and socialist agenda.  She is in essence, then, simply spewing venom upon a mission of mercy that has nothing to do with social academics and political persuasion.

People are not born racist and cruel – they must be programmed — by environmental and/or generational influence, but also certainly by people who continually perpetuate division and contention between races.  In the absence of such propagandists putting forth divisive hatred, no one would see another’s skin color.  No one would push for euthanizing shelter pets when life-affirming measures are in place and readily available — because the natural and inherent first impulse of the heart is to love.  Kindness is in our DNA.  Love does no harm.

Love Is More Than A Four-Letter Word.

Love is a universal action word.  People dedicated to animal welfare and pet rescue act out of genuine love to save animals – no more, no less.  No ulterior agendas, nothing political.  Authors with politically-begotten degrees attempt to impress people with their education, when in fact all they do is degrade goodness.  All it takes to save an animal’s life is a kind heart — simple as that.  It does not take a college degree or political persuasion.  And a kind heart is not unique to white-only citizens in affluent communities.  All human races are born to love.  No book and no critical analyses are needed.  It’s just love.  To try to cast animal welfare and shelter pet rescue in a politically or socially complex light, or any other misleading light, is fraudulent, even abhorrent from truth.

I understand the authors’ likely desire to gain notoriety and profits from their college degrees, but I respectfully caution readers to be very, very discerning about following such self-described experts who maliciously undermine the basic goodness of animal welfare and shelter pet rescue in order to exalt personal egos.  At the end of the day, saving lives is simply about compassion, kindness, and love, in its purest form.  I would encourage these authors to examine your hearts and, if you truly believe the system does not work effectively for minorities and low-income pet owners, then please find a way to put your college degrees to better use by setting aside your prejudices and racial bias, and instead support us in shelter pet rescue to make a better way for the animals.  We can always use the help.

I also respectfully recommend the Bible in contrast to those books discussed above.  It is intended for Everyone equally.

  • A righteous man regards the life of his beast.  Proverbs 12:10.
  • Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings and not one of them is forgotten before God? Luke 12:6.
  • Love suffers long, and is kind; love envies not; love boasts not itself, is not puffed up; love does not behave itself unseemly, seeks not its own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil; rejoices not in injustice, but rejoices in the truth; love bears all things, endures all things; love never fails. And now abides faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.   I Corinthians 13:4-8, 13.

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God Bless and Happy Pet Parenting!

With love and good wishes,
jeannie.   ?

About jeannie:  I’ve been pro-actively involved in pet rescue all of my life. I founded Milagro Senior Pet Refuge© (Phoenix) in 1998, and BareFootPets (TM) in 2008. Animal welfare has always been and will always be my heart’s work. If my only legacy is that I save a handful of precious souls that would not survive otherwise, I’m good with that.